The Muslim Teli (Malik) are an ethnic group found in Pakistan and India. The word Tel means oil (cooking oil) and Teli means person dealing with manufacture and sale of cooking oil in Urdu. Related to the Muslim Teli are the Ghanchi, a community found in Gujarat, who are also involved in the manufacture of cooking oil.

The members of this community are found in North India and Pakistan. In North India, the community is also known by the name Shaikh Mansuri, Roghangar, Samani, Malik, Siddiqui while in Pakistan, they are known as Teli Malik.

There are approximately 4-5 crores Muslim Teli community in India which are unknown to each other because either they not using any surname to hide their biradri or using different different surnames like Malik, Samani, Roghangar, Shaikh, Siddiqui, Ghachi, Mansuri etc.

Our Mission is to bring all Muslim Teli community to one platform regardless what so ever surname they are using or not. One basic thing is common that originally we are Teli and coming on one platform shall give strength to our community.

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